Hello! I’m Dennis Williams, owner of LinDen Automotive & Engineering. I’ve been working on diesel engines ever since my dad showed me how to bleed the air out of an ancient Gardner LW engine fuel system at the tender age of nine! Now with more than 50 years of experience working on both gas and diesel vehicles, it’s exciting to see where the diesel engine concept is headed with new technology, and to witness the proliferation of hybrid technology in our daily drivers.

For the Love of Diesel

When I was starting out, I apprenticed in a big truck shop in England, and a Master Mechanic I trained under often would say, "God created diesel mechanics from the best. Those that didn’t make the grade he turned in to petrol (gasoline) mechanics." I don’t know if that’s true, but it sure made me want to excel at working on diesel engines.

Over the course of my career, I have worked as a technical instructor, zone representative, engineering developer, and fleet supervisor for various foreign governments. I spent 12 years in the Middle East running fleets, and 10 years in South American rebuilding fleets for Latin American governments.

Golden’s Repair Shop for "Difficult" Vehicles

In 1996, I decided to use my automotive training and experience to open a specialty auto repair shop in the Denver metro area. I started with only one bay, but I quickly outgrew the space, and was able to purchase my current facility. Today, I’m happy to say all of the Land Rovers, Sprinters, Pinzes, and other "difficult" vehicles in the Golden area have a repair shop to call their own. I never get tired of the challenge of understanding what makes a vehicle work, and fixing it when it’s not.

LinDen Automotive & Engineering Auto Repair Shop