Services for European & American Diesel Engines

At LinDen Automotive & Engineering, we primarily work on European diesel engines with one exception, and that is the General Motors 6.2 and 6.5 V8 diesel engine, which unfortunately has not received the best reviews within the trade. Contrary to most opinions, we quite like it for what it is, and we’ve had lots of success rebuilding this engine and dealing with its fuel system.

Our diesel engine experience ranges from Leyland diesel engines for OTR trucks, Gardener for marine and heavy trucks, Perkins of the United Kingdom, Daf of Holland, Mercedes of all descriptions, sizes and types, Volvo of Sweden, and Zil of the former Soviet Union. Whatever problem you might have with a European-built diesel engine, we can often provide a solution to get it going again.

New Generation Light to Medium Duty Diesel Engines

Most of you reading this page will have noticed over the last decade a strong emergence of a new generation of diesel engines powering pickup trucks and larger SUVs. We suppose Ford has become the most famous with its Powerstroke 7.3 Superduty range of pickup trucks, actually derived from its supplier Navistar International’s T444 series engines.

This engine and its competitors, the Cummins 5.9 liter and the Isuzu Duramax 6.6 liter, are controlled by sophisticated electronic management systems to maximize power and reduce tailpipe emissions. Diagnoses and repair of all these engines requires highly skilled mechanics conversant with the use of handheld diagnostic equipment to isolate faults and handle repairs efficiently. We have that here at LinDen Automotive & Engineering.