LinDen Automotive & Engineering enjoys a large, loyal Pinzgauer clientele, and we support the Rocky Mountain Pinzgauer Owners’ Club by offering a 10% discount on many of our product lines and services. Because Pinzgauers operating in the United States were made in the 1970s, they often present unique challenges in the new millennia, such as enhanced road speeds, tires, braking, and vibration. We have methods for improving Pinzgauer performance and capabilities due in the most part to its remarkable durability.

Our Pinzgauer service approach is stern-to-stern. We do ground-up restorations, major accident work, and all mechanical and electrical repairs. We also keep Pinzgauer parts on hand, either genuine or aftermarket parts, which we can call on at a moment’s notice to keep you running.

If you are limiting your Pinzgauer driving to warm days only, or your wife and kids refuse to ride in the vehicle, we offer Webasto conversions done in-house or custom kits for the DIYer. Tried and tested in the Yukon, we are confident the fuel-fired heater will have you using your Pinz all year round.

And Haflingers, Too!

The Haflinger is a small, lightweight four-wheel drive vehicle about 3.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, powered by a 646 cc twin horizontally opposed, rear mounted, air cooled engine. Weighing around 600 Kg, they were made by the Austrian firm of Steyr-Daimler-Puch between 1959 and 1974, and were exported all over the world.

In total, 16,647 were made, most of them being taken up by the Swiss and Austrian armies. Around 1000 found their way to the UK, imported first by a firm near Liverpool called Ryders International, and later by Steyr themselves, who marketed them from a distribution depot on Lower Parliament Street in Nottingham, England.

Three features make Haflingers particularly good off-road machines:

  1. The provision of both front and rear differential locks, which enable the vehicle to make progress even if only one wheel is in firm contact with the ground.
  2. The design of the front and rear axles are of the "portal" type, which means that the center of the axle is above the center of the wheel, thus increasing the ground clearance under the axle without increasing the wheel diameter. Power is transmitted from the axle to the wheel via drop gears in each wheel hub.
  3. The suspension is fully independent, with each half axle having about 10 inches of free movement.

Look No Further than LinDen for Pinzgauer & Haflinger Vehicles

If you have a problem with your Pinzgauer or Haflinger or if you’re interested in buying one, give us a call. Or if you have a badly damaged Pinzgauer, we’ll give you an honest assessment on the reasonable price for a buyout, disposal, or collection.