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"GREAT SHOP!!!!! Im really glad LinDen Engineering was there to take in my sprinter at a time of serious emergency (for me). I live in my Sprinter and LinDen Engineering understood my predicament and got me back on the road as fast as they could! Dennis is the most knowledgable mind on Sprinters that I came across, even online. He will tell you like it is and show you the deficiencies in your vehicle so you know youre not getting ripped off. He has a ton on his plate and is definitely a perfectionist so I think his customer interaction is sometimes a little hot and cold but overall very pleasant. The reason didnt give 5 stars is because of the multiple misjudgements on time expectancy when my Sprinter would be done. The quality of the work is second to none and the staff is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Travis was super cool in keeping me up to date on the entire repair process. I would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone with a Sprinter/Land Rover. They are professional and extremely fair in price."

— Yelp Review

"This place is amazing. During a trip from California to Colorado I had an issue with my Winnebago View (Sprinter drive train) losing power. I limped it to Linden and Dennis went above and beyond to get me back on the road. He even drove it personally to the Mercedes dealership for some warranty work because it was too heavy for the tow truck. While it was there I had them to the 20k mile service. Thanks Dennis and Linda!!"

— Google Review

"Every person that works here is wonderful! Very welcoming and extremely nice. We were on vacation from Minnesota and our van broke down and they made sure we had a place to go and a way to get there. Very wonderful people! I would recommend them to anyone! "

— Google Review

"I've been going to Linden Engineering for years when my Range Rovers need some TLC and I have nothing but great things to say for the whole staff and family, both Dennis and Linda are great, and the rest of the staff are wonderful to work with, if you want that personal touch and attention I will always recommend Linden Engineering to my friends."

— Google Review

"Peace of mind is hard to buy, but LinDen is the only place I've been able to find that I have any confidence in. It's worth the trip from Colorado Springs!"

— Facebook Review

"Love, love, love Linda and Dennis is ok. These guys are great! Top notch service always there for me when I call about something. Great family business with just terrific people! Dennis has kept my Pinzgauer running great for almost 8 years now. The great work and personal touch, that's why I keep coming back."

— Google Review

"Dennis was amazing! I have a Dodge Sprinter van that needed work, he diagnosed and made suggestions for repair immediately upon arrival. He spoke to me as a person, explaining in detail what was going on with my van. I agreed to the repairs and during the day was offered used parts to cut down the cost. I would 100% suggest Linden Engineering. I will be back for any and all repairs to my much loved van. Linda was also very friendly and helpful. "

— Google Review