Utilizing our vast heavy-duty vehicle experience and expertise, we at LinDen Automotive & Engineering service Mercedes Unimog with a great deal of enthusiasm. Because many Unimogs were built in the 1970s, they present unique challenges on the road today, including higher speeds, tires, and braking performance. Thanks to Unimog durability, however, we can improve many aspects of these vehicles to operate well in modern conditions while retaining their inherent capabilities.

At LinDen Automotive & Engineering, we’ll happily work on any Unimog you may have, including the 404 Gasoline, 406 Diesel, and the "series" range of trucks. We have a direct link to suppliers in the UK, where parts pricing is much more economical and easily sourced. Typically, we can obtain parts either new or used in record trans-Atlantic ship times. We also have software to scan the latest Unimog models.

In you are in the Colorado Springs area, please call us for all your Unimog needs!